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Kriya Meditation

Meditation & Pranayana

The basic purpose of Kriya is to balance your breath. The breath (shvasa) is closely linked to your life energy (Prana). So Kriya is the method by which the prana is balanced which is usually dissipated through the 108 nadis (channels).

Kriya is a form of rhythmic breathing, by which you can manipulate your breathing and connect it to the energy– Prana, and make it ascend to higher levels of awareness. It is a blissful experience, wherein your mind expands and becomes one pointed to touch That. 

Meditation & Pranayama is offered in three different levels:


Get Involved with your local Satsang Centers

Sri M encourages each person to contribute in a manner suitable to each person’s circumstances and needs. There are several volunteering options available for those of you who are interested.


The Satsang Foundation Centres

A journey leading towards an experience of higher consciousness and happiness through deeper mediation. We operate across Australia, please check our contact page for detailed information.


This program is conducted for Spiritual seekers of all persuasions, Corporates, Associations, Institutions, Retired Homes, Communities, and Individuals